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Personalising your print!

Good morning! We have so many windfall apples, already, they remind me of EDMUND who lives on an apple farm and asked for a tractor, his spaniel, a pheasant and loads of apples to decorate his name ( well, the person ordering it did. ) He loved it! Have you a personal story to illustrate…

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Q is jumping the queue to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday today!

Letter Q is jumping the alphabetical queue to mark our Queen’s 94th Birthday today.Here is a personalised Q print of Quince and Queen Quail, surrounded by quince blossom from the garden.The crown was previously drawn for a customer who requested one for her Jack Russell to illustrate a special occasion print celebrating her 25th Wedding…

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What’s the story?

Here we all are in lockdown due to coronavirus, doing our best for the NHS, the heroes of our day, by staying at home and not socialising. Last week we watched JULIE AND JULIA with Meryl Streep (Julia) and Amy Adams (Julie) – who decides to blog daily a recipe of the famous 1950s cook,…

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What’s in an illustrated name?

I have been instagramming my name prints of the top 6 favourite names currently in fashion in the UK, according to Country Life. EMILY here is no. 5 in the listing, and ANNIE does not appear. But I had such fun photographing them amongst our flowers. ( sadly Emily’s cistus are now a dry yellow…

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Personalised illustrations for a wedding. Earlier this year a friend’s daughter asked for illustrations for her wedding . She sent me a collection of photos of the bride and groom and  I depicted them zooming away in Charlie’s old triumph, in a dress suitably vague but attractive, so as not to give a clue to…

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