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The Crown

What were you doing, 2 weeks ago? perhaps like me ,the car radio alerted you to the Queen’s deteriorating health? A text of a sad face from a french friend – (she was your Queen, to Les français, she was the Queen) told me it had happened. The nation has watched and partaken in the…

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‘Grief is the price we pay for Love’.

We all have our story to tell of the Eve September 8 th 2022. I raced  all day , sorting stock for fairs, ensuring  all at home done as I prepared to join my 3 fabulous sisters on a trip around Scotland visiting childhood haunts. A text from a French (!) friend of 3 sad…

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Personalising your print!

Good morning! We have so many windfall apples, already, they remind me of EDMUND who lives on an apple farm and asked for a tractor, his spaniel, a pheasant and loads of apples to decorate his name ( well, the person ordering it did. ) He loved it! Have you a personal story to illustrate…

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