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What’s in an illustrated name?

I have been instagramming my name prints of the top 6 favourite names currently in fashion in the UK, according to Country Life. EMILY here is no. 5 in the listing, and ANNIE does not appear. But I had such fun photographing them amongst our flowers. ( sadly Emily’s cistus are now a dry yellow ball, having not been watered by the boys during my few days absence in Scotland – oh la, do they have eyes?! ) Are you a blue or coral pink girl? Our Lara is definitely a blue, she just never suited pink as a baby. Do you like my story letters, where each letter tells a story as in EMILY or prefer to choose your own illustrations from my story boards to tell your story? Annie was my mother’s best friend and always had lots of dogs, usually waifs and strays from a dog’s home, and flowers abounded in her life.(plus the odd rabbit, that familiar friend in every Scottish garden…)
I can still smell the scent of Lady Alice every time I think of Annie.

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