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Placemats that look great in a colourful kitchen or neutral scheme!

This image is all about colour, to show how our illustrated placemats ring with the saturated colours of the mediterranean: chrome yellow , favoured by Van Gogh; earth green, vermillion reds as found in Pompeii and the blue of the mediterranean sea, cerulean, and sky, cobalt. Set on a background of bleached linen, our placemats look good in a neutral setting or a colourful setting.

Looking for placemats that will look good in a colourful or a neutral kitchen? Here’s why my illustrated letter placemats rest easy in both settings: Our illustrated placemats look fantastic with the glazed earth ware espresso cups I bought back from Provence this week. Why? Because they share the same colour palette as French illuminated…

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My bespoke illustrations always benefit from a break!

This image depicts a series of pages from my holiday sketch book, which are a source of inspiration for my bespoke artwork you can choose from to create your personalised prints. Pencil sketches of my dog sitting and sleeping; a man snoozing on the ferry to Lewis, and watercolours sketched in Zagoria, of a greek village, a plane tree and the distant layering of colourful mountains painted one evening at sunset from the top of a Greek Refuge . Plus some pressed wild flowers.

Dear Reader, When a friend invited me to walk the deepest Gorge in the world, I could not imagine how wonderful a detox adventure it would be!  Zagoria is a nature lover’s paradise: sun, colour, new plants, new friends, bears and wolves. I managed to empty my mind of stale matter. I return with a…

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A spring fair

I rarely attend Spring fairs, so it was a fun to be at the Winchester GOLD garden fair yesterday. I so enjoyed it. Spectacular venue, lovely people , a sunny/showery day and everyone was out to shop. Lots of orders for  NAME PRINTS –  themed ones, ”zooming around,’ ‘In the garden’ , ‘On safari” ,…

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HAPPY 2023 and here’s to the wandering walrus.

The workshop opens again today – Having finally got rid of my Christmas cough, Jan ’23 feels energetic and positive!  So here is a new coaster I created at the request of Wilfred. I hope he liked his walrus! Did you  read about the walrus who landed on some bay on the East Coast of…

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Our new themed names are zooming around!

All my artwork of illustrated alphabet decorating names and our new themes, at a christmas fair.

Hi Those of you who have visited my stall at a Christmas fair this season, will have seen my new themed names and are wondering why they are not yet on line – truth is I am so busy, just haven’t had time and websites are not my forte! so here is a photo of…

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The Crown

What were you doing, 2 weeks ago? perhaps like me ,the car radio alerted you to the Queen’s deteriorating health? A text of a sad face from a french friend – (she was your Queen, to Les français, she was the Queen) told me it had happened. The nation has watched and partaken in the…

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‘Grief is the price we pay for Love’.

We all have our story to tell of the Eve September 8 th 2022. I raced  all day , sorting stock for fairs, ensuring  all at home done as I prepared to join my 3 fabulous sisters on a trip around Scotland visiting childhood haunts. A text from a French (!) friend of 3 sad…

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Personalising your print!

Good morning! We have so many windfall apples, already, they remind me of EDMUND who lives on an apple farm and asked for a tractor, his spaniel, a pheasant and loads of apples to decorate his name ( well, the person ordering it did. ) He loved it! Have you a personal story to illustrate…

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A new print has just sailed in!

A yak is sailing his yacht on the high seas on a blustery british day

It is a beautiful, sunny but very blustery day here in rural Oxfordshire. The puppy ( well, 9 months now) and I have been hacking back an over grown kiwi tree as I am terrified it is going to pull the trellis it is now much (was) larger than and land on someone. Our daughter,…

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An Indian summer? –

Rectangular placemats of oranges on a cobalt blue frescoed background with white diamond shape boarder featuring smaller oranges.

The heat is still with us, having disappeared for a while – but it is rocketing hot here! So I decided, be it late in the season, to launch some old friends , painted before my now 27 year old daughter was born. I’ll call them Seville, as she spent some time there learning the…

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