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A spring fair

I rarely attend Spring fairs, so it was a fun to be at the Winchester GOLD garden fair yesterday. I so enjoyed it. Spectacular venue, lovely people , a sunny/showery day and everyone was out to shop. Lots of orders for  NAME PRINTS –  themed ones, ”zooming around,’ ‘In the garden’ , ‘On safari” ,  are especially popular . But in fact a bit of every product sold, many comments about a good range and I love the contact with the public as I gathered a bunchful of new ideas for this new season.

So I think I will extend my fair season beyond the boundaries of the Christmas rush. Looking forward to finding some smaller ones as somehow they are less stressful!

I hope you are enjoying the kinder weather. This has to be my favourite time of year. All that blossom and flowers appearing after a long wet British winter.

from Sal trade stall at the WINCHESTER GOLD garden fair in May 23. showing all my products laid out on tables within a small tent.

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