Choose which R for your personalised print or a placemat to suit Rory, Rafferty or Rosie

It’s useful having two different illustrations for this very popular letter, R. Rory, Rafferty, Rosemary all have two Rs so both illustrations can be used in one nameprint. I never repeat an illustration on a name print. As you can see. Both illustrations appear as placemats, so choose the one that best suit the person. I was teased as belonging to a rabbit family every time I announced the arrival of another baby from one of my older siblings. So my first illustration for R is for Rabbits resting under a Rowan Tree. Rowan trees are commonly found in Scotland. Rugby Rhino was inspired by a rugby-playing son. Rhinos are not native, but this one may be allowed a passport for having been drawn from a rhino residing at the Cotswold Wildlife park.