U is for thank yoU NHS!

I could not bring myself to post the next illustrated alphabet letter yesterday – it was one of those days under lockdown when I felt the futility of all I do, in contrast to the heroic efforts of the NHS.Then today I looked at my U for ‘Unicycling under the Union Jack’: a flying flag, two humans (at last!) unicycling, – effortlessly – and decided ‘chin up, buck up, the NHS are doing this for us all, the human race, so we can survive and unicycle together, dance together and be joyful together again one day with our friends.’ So here it is at the end of thank yoU – and a heartfelt thank you to all who work for the NHS.

( U was the final letter which I illustrated, – all sorts of designs preceded it, the most ridiculous was
a unicorn playing the ukulele on Uist! Yet again, the joy of the Olympic games which brought the nation together, was the inspiration behind this design. It is the only letter depicting humans – I am glad I fitted us in somewhere.)