Illustrated placemat made a great gift for Ted who plays tennis with Grandfather Turtle!

T is for Ted and Turtle playing tennis (my old jointed, worn out Teddy bear which I persuaded my sister I must have, and his friend turtle, who is really a tortoise and lived in our garden, picked up off the road by my Grandfather on his way to us for Sunday lunch.) They are playing tennis because, staring at T, I suddenly saw a tennis net zoom out from it… A customer, roaring with laughter on seeing my T Story letter, bought it for her Grandson Ted because he often plays tennis with his Grandfather whom he calls Turtle – a great gift for Ted, what a happy coincidence! For April 2020′ T’ is also for Tom Moore, Captain and war veteran, who has raised £23 million for the NHS by walking 100 times around his garden before his 100th Birthday. T is for Thanks,Tom!