Personalised Name Prints

Personalised Name Prints by Sal Ashmore

Children love to see their own name emblazoned on their bedroom wall or door. Name print lettering (50cm  x 18cm) is available in blue or pink, mounted or mounted and framed (natural oak, white, grey or black painted wood).


A name print can be illustrated in 3 ways:

Example 1 -  With our illustrated alphabet as in WILBUR.

Personalised Name Prints by Sal Ashmore

A list of captions describing each ‘story letter’ is included to explain each story illustrating each letter and to inspire the creative child to make up their own story letters.

Personalised Name Prints by Sal Ashmore

Short names with only 3 letters can have additional illustrations chosen from our Story Board, see ISA to which a rabbit, a duck and some butterflies have been added. Please write your preferred images in the comment box - and also if you would like any plain letters, as is the S in ISA.

Example 2 - Name prints also come in plain letters with illustrations you can choose from our Story Board.

3 or 4 illustrations are recommended.

See MAXIMILLIAN where a customer chose a black dog, runner ducks and a hen because she has them so Maximillian would recognise them (and maybe wish Granny had a yellow helicopter too!)

Personalised Name Prints by Sal Ashmore

Example 3 - Bespoke name prints.

Every illustration on ERNIE was created for the customer. Send us images of your own dog or car and we can draw these into your name print - alone or mixed with illustrations from our Story Board. Please email us on to discuss choices and pricing.

Personalised Name Prints by Sal Ashmore

Story Board 1

Storyboard 1 by Sal Ashmore

Story Board 2

Storyboard 2 by Sal Ashmore