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Illustrated Names Prints.


Our illustrated names are very popular Christening or Birthday gifts which can be personalised with a date and some text to note the occasion. This name design is created using our illustrated letters, where every letter is illustrated with an animal or animals, sometimes being adventurous or sporty, other times just hanging out. A list describing each illustrated letter's design is sent out with each name, to add to your curious child's enjoyment - and help them make a phonetic connection between the letter and illustration.

If your name is only 3 letters long, please choose 2 illustrations from the storyboards to go each end of the name, as did KIT.

Names come in blue or coral pink lettering, mounted (50cm x 18cm) or mounted and framed in natural oak, white, grey or black wood. We do not use glass, but perspex which will not break in the post or shatter if a child knocks it off the wall.


Personalised Name Prints.

Our personalised illustrated name is another style we offer you, as in GABRIELLA - where free standing blue or coral lettering is decorated with a few, enlarged illustrations of your choice, which you select from the Story Boards 

This results in a personalised story, created just for you - and if someone is missing from our storyboards, you can commission bespoke artwork, just send us your dog/cat/penguin's photo!

Bespoke artwork takes time to create, so please do not commission artwork if you are in a hurry to receive your name print. Illustrated name prints can be turned around much faster. Thanks for your understanding.


 GABRIELLA's grandmother, commissioned names for her 5 grandchildren. For all 5, she chose her dog, duck and runner ducks from our storyboards which the children would recognise as Granny's, then added flowers and rabbits for the girls and the helicopter hare for the boys. All the names were commissioned in blue lettering - which is what my original prints were created in - simply because the sky is blue and the sea is blue...

Themed Name Prints.

A photograph of all the different themed illustrated names I offer to create for my customers - MABEL has "doggie friends"; FREYA is "on safari", ANGUS is "by the sea"; GEORGE likes "zooming around" so animals are in a car, helicopter and aeroplane; JUILAN is "on the farm" and FLORA is "in the garden". The colour of the names' lettering shows they can be ordered in blue letters or coral pink.

NEW to our website are THEMED NAMES which were launched at the 2022 Christmas fairs and are now available to order on line. Here's an image of them all, as hung on the wall at my Christmas stall. From top left to right the themes are : ALICE - doggie friends; FREYA - On safari; ANGUS - by the sea; GEORGE - zooming around; JULIAN - on the farm; FLORA - in the garden. Your choosen name will be illustrated with the illustrations exactly as you see them on these samples, according to the theme choosen.

I regret we currently have an issue with the website for ordering these. As they are the same cost as the ILLUSTRATED NAMES, please order your themed name there and write a note of which themed name you wish to have in the order box. I hope this issue will soon be resolved! Thank you.


If you wish to request a bespoke illustration, please tick the bespoke box and email with your request  and we will be in touch to discuss.

For more ideas and samples of personalised illustrated names, please look at the blog page or follow us on instagram

Story Boards - choose any design for your cards!









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