A new print has just sailed in!

A yak is sailing his yacht on the high seas on a blustery british day

It is a beautiful, sunny but very blustery day here in rural Oxfordshire. The puppy ( well, 9 months now) and I have been hacking back an over grown kiwi tree as I am terrified it is going to pull the trellis it is now much (was) larger than and land on someone.

Our daughter, home for a few days ( curtesy of online zooming into work), commented "do you like wind? " Well yes I do - thanks to  a childhood spent on boats where wind was needed to get anywhere exciting!

Up my ladders in a strong wind, hacking away, wielding a rather efficient, £17 worth pruning saw recently purchased, isn't  exactly the same as being on a sailing boat in the Minch, pulling in the mainsail sheet whilst we come up to wind to beat harder and faster... but it can rekindle happy memories! Which is why finding an illustration for letter Y in my illustrated alphabet was incredibly easy .

Yachting Yak. So simple. I see him all the time! In my mind's eye... Now available as a print without the Y. Or as an illustrated letter print, for Yves, my friend who has sailed across the Atlantic. Ah, there is a good gift for him on our next visit to France! .

An Indian summer? –

Rectangular placemats of oranges on a cobalt blue frescoed background with white diamond shape boarder featuring smaller oranges.

The heat is still with us, having disappeared for a while - but it is rocketing hot here! So I decided, be it late in the season, to launch some old friends , painted before my now 27 year old daughter was born. I'll call them Seville, as she spent some time there learning the lingo - but there were originally made for some pottery orange and blue plates and cups which have long since bit the dust.

But not these.... hope you enjoy them!

A story letter print for Hetty

A large coral coloured H initial with the Name Hetty added. is illustrated with a happy hen, happy because he is out of reach of the hound, a black dog, sitting under the bar of the H on which the hen sits. Hetty's birthday date also has been added below the H. A perfect gift for Hetty's bedroom.

Here's a recent story letter print  I created for Hetty . It is fun creating these, each is unique in choice of illustration, name or adding a date. Hetty was happy with our happy hen and hound decorating H in our coral lettering and requested it be personalised with a date and her full name.

I would love to see it hanging in Hetty's room! There is something very affirmative about giving a child a picture of their name. It's like when someone repeats your name when they are talking to you as that makes you feel special and that they are interested in what you have to say. An illustrated  name print or a story letter print does just that.

I would love to see any photos of my prints hanging up where they belong in their new home!

Narwhal and nightingales


What a lot has been happening - the greatest good being we can now have a decent hair cut and the zoos  and pubs and restaurants are open!

A new N WILL SOON APPEAR ON A PLACEMAT - my N for narwhal.  I was asked to draw a narwal by a customer - great addition for a seafaring boy. And a good contrast in choice to our existing nightingale sang in Berkeley square for the more musically minded!


Alphabet letter M is for mice and mackerel under the mistletoe


From Cape Wrath to Cornwall, many know the excitement of rowing into a shoal of fast moving fish, casting a line and within minutes, hauling aboard a line of mackerel. Mine were caught on the west coast of Scotland, where the oystercatchers cry and the warm winds from the Gulf Stream do blow - at the right time of year! These are the illustrations for M in my illustrated alphabet. An illustrated letter M is a great gift for Marianne, either on a placemat, or as an illustrated name print, in coral or blue lettering, or ask me to create some correspondence cards adding her name to the M - and maybe her address, mobile number and other contact details. Whatever you wish!

This is the story of Lydia.

lydia framed .for instagram

Today I am posting a name to celebrate all the girls on the home front during WW11 and to show how I can customise a name with a story through illustrations to make your name print very personal . Lydia is an old family friend who worked for Churchill during the war , biking from digs in Oxford to Blenheim Palace and spending her weekends bicycling around the Oxfordshire countryside. So I have changed A to a bike ( which the duck from D has decided to ride) and the Union Jack to celebrate . I’ve also choose Labrador in the lilies for L as Lydia loves her garden ! All this seems very shallow when thinking of those dying from covid 19 today - but the Queen told the nation on Sunday to ‘never give up, never despair’ so I hope a little lightheartedness casts out the gloom.

What is your story?

Oystercatchers, oars and pheasants from afar.


I never realised till blogging these illustrated alphabet letters how many feathery friends appear, which seems ironic as here we are in lockdown , not flying anywhere, not even to Paris!

Here is letter P for pheasant who flew into Britain, courtesy of the Romans, in the 11th Century.. How on earth! My pheasant is fond of peas in their pods and is more colourful than any other animal in my alphabet.Truly beautiful, asiatic in origin, now a common character in the British countryside.

And nothing beats rowing on a Scottish Loch in May with the oystercatchers calling overhead or along the shore, being chased by that mad speedy spaniel who appears on my letter S. So O is illustrated with Oystercatchers and a pair of oars, somewhere very beautiful south of Oban.

Both pheasant and oystercatchers appear on placemats, coasters, greetings cards and initialled correspondence cards. And of course in name prints for Oliver or Olivia, which were voted Britain's top names by Country Life in 2019.

Choose which R for your personalised print or a placemat to suit Rory, Rafferty or Rosie

R is for Rabbits resting under the Rowan tree and for Rugby Rhino.

It’s useful having two different illustrations for this very popular letter, R. Rory, Rafferty, Rosemary all have two Rs so both illustrations can be used in one nameprint. I never repeat an illustration on a name print. As you can see. Both illustrations appear as placemats, so choose the one that best suit the person. I was teased as belonging to a rabbit family every time I announced the arrival of another baby from one of my older siblings. So my first illustration for R is for Rabbits resting under a Rowan Tree. Rowan trees are commonly found in Scotland. Rugby Rhino was inspired by a rugby-playing son. Rhinos are not native, but this one may be allowed a passport for having been drawn from a rhino residing at the Cotswold Wildlife park.

Alphabet letter S is a speedy Spaniel on a placemat and a coaster…


On this sunny day, here is the alphabet letter S is for Speedy Spaniel on a placemat and coaster, so together they make a great gift. I hope he’s self-isolating like the man skiing on his sofa in a what’s app that has been circulating! My father gave this spaniel, Benjie, to my mother to console her after her mother died.His speediness infuriated her. He then became her source of comfort when Dad died. I think she did all her grieving with him, those big floppy ears mopping up the tears, so she could put on a brave face for all her 5 children and many Grandchildren as the show must go on. I hope there are many 4-legged friends consoling many isolated individuals right now. He is skiing in Scotland's Glen Coe and there is a salmon leaping, for those who like fishing or just watching salmon leap. Stay safe to help the NHS...

Q is jumping the queue to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday today!


Letter Q is jumping the alphabetical queue to mark our Queen's 94th Birthday today.Here is a personalised Q print of Quince and Queen Quail, surrounded by quince blossom from the garden.The crown was previously drawn for a customer who requested one for her Jack Russell to illustrate a special occasion print celebrating her 25th Wedding Anniversary - you can choose illustrations from my storyboards when creating your personalised story letter, name or special occasion print. Or ask me to draw it if you cannot find it there.

Wishing Her Majesty the Queen a very Happy Birthday!