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Coaster -Wild Walrus


Our walrus coaster bought with our W for Walrus under the windmill weathervane makes a great gift set!



Animal coasters which start with the letter of the receiver of your present make such a clever gift!  Here is our wonderful wild walrus on our animal coaster, ready to celebrate Willa, Willow, Walter, Wilfred or William ‘s birthday! Buy it with our ‘W for walrus under the windmill weathervane’ to make a great gift set!  Celebrate a birthday , Christmas or take as a weekend away present.

I have now produced one coaster for each letter. The animal coasters are all made in the UK (size 100 x 100 x 3.2mm). The background for all my  animal coasters is the colour of unbleached linen. As on the placemats. This animal coaster depicts my drawing of a wonderful wild walrus. It matches the ‘W for walrus under the windmill weathervane’ placemat.

For this animal coaster illustration, I first drew a walrus in my sketchbook, then I made a screen print and hand printed the original artwork to an edition of 25 per design. The original edition of screen prints can be purchased on request. The walrus on this animal coaster forms part of the design for the illustrated letter W placemat. All the animals featuring on my illustrated alphabet are native to the British Isles – or come visiting here seasonally, as did a walrus to Pembrokeshire a year ago! I hope that wild walrus with big white tusks who featured in many newspapers, found his way home . He certainly looks at home on this animal coaster!

Additional information

Weight 42 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 2 cm
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