Family Tree – Cork Mat, Size 397mm x 297mm


Fill out our Family tree form by Generation. I have included how the CLAN MACKENZIE illustrating the family tree here, would have filled out the form. Please email me at if you need to discuss. If the initial family is larger than 5 children, please just tag them on at each generation section.

If you have any pets, list their names and choose any illustrations from the story boards which may look like them. If one kind of pet is missing, just email and tell me what it is including colouring – better still, send a photo.

FAMILY OR CLAN – which do you prefer?:  CLAN MACKENZIE

Indicate where you wish m for married to be used or + for partner – and d if divorce is to be noted, and another m if remarried.

1st generation – GRANDPARENTS :  Alice m James

2nd generation- THEIR CHILDREN and spouse/partner

  1. Edward m Mary
  2.  Sam m Polly
  3. Chloe m George

3rd generation – GRANDCHILDREN

  1. Alice m Rod (Edward)
  2. Will m Hatty (Edward)
  3. Alex m Sarah (Edward)
  4. Lou m John (Sam)
  5. Gus m Hetty (Sam)
  6. Harry m Margot (Chloe)
  7. Oscar

4th generation – Great Grand Children:

  1. James (Alice and Rod)
  2. Isla (Alice and Rods
  3. Jo (Will and Hatty)
  4. Fred (Will and Hatty)
  5. Oliver (Alex and Sarah)
  6. Sophie (Alex and Sarah)
  7. Ben (Alex and Sarah)
  8. Jessie (Lou and John)
  9. Max (Lou and John)
  10. Isobel (Lou and John)
  11. Ava (Harry and Margot)
  12. Henry (Harry and Margot)


PETS: Please list type and pets name. please place sb – for storyboard-  dogs if you like the illustration of the lab on that storyboard. The dancing pheasants shall always be included unless requested otherwise.


Black Labrador  –  JASPER Sb dogs

Long haired dauchand  WHIPPY sb dogs

Working cocker golden  RUSTY  sb dogs.

Liver and white spaniel DOTTY sb dogs.


Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 1 cm
Framing Options

Mounted, Natural Oak Wood Frame, Painted White Frame, Painted Black Frame, Painted Grey Frame