Family Trees

Painted oak tree designed around your personal family tree, with your pets illustrated infant of the tree makes the most perfect mother's day gift.

The ultimate gift for Grandparents keen to recall who’s who in their greatest creation, their Family.  In addition to children, you can include named illustrations of their dogs, horses or other four legged or feathered friends! – These can be past pets as well as present.

Your family tree is available mounted, framed, mounted and framed or as a large placemat backed in cork. This mat is completely handmade, by painting, using decoupage of your choice of illustrations and varnishing to make it super durable. The advantage of a mat over a framed picture is it is very resilient to being moved around and handled. Place it on a tray at a care home or home, or prop it up on a bed side table or lay it flat. This is the format in which I gave a family tree to my 92-year-old mother for Christmas and I was overwhelmed by her joy in having all the family on a mat which she moves around the house as and when she needs it – to explain her family to her carers or, after lockdown – any visitor.   Just wipe clean with soapy cloth.