About me


The inspiration behind my original illustrated alphabet came from the natural world and quirky memories of holidays on the west coast of Scotland: chasing oystercatchers on sandy beaches; sailing on blustery lochs; skiing on the rocky slopes of Glen Coe; a rather large lobster I met on my plate aged 6 and adventures in France, abroad and rural England.

It took two years to illustrate the alphabet – from the initial sketches to making screens and printing the original editions onto somerset art paper. Some letters have a choice of illustrations, through requests or my own whim. The placemat designs are fixed. But anything I can print is open to variation and personalisation. Please just fill out the contact form for a special request.

llustrating letters has a rich heritage; it has been done since the Dark Ages, as seen in the bears and snails embellishing the Limbourgs brothers’ illuminated manuscripts, Les Très Riches Heures, commissioned by the French Duc de Berry in the 15th Century. This is my version of that age-old art and I trust that like a good fairytale, crafted to appeal to all ages, my illustrated English Alphabet will bring pleasure to both child and adult.

Sal Ashmore