Alphabet placemats, prints, postcards and names by Sal Ashmore

Personalised Name Prints


Children just love to see their own name emblazoned on their bedroom wall or door, so this makes a popular and very appealing gift. Name print lettering is now available in CORAL PINK as well as BLUE.



A name print always comes mounted in textured ivory card and can be personalised with a date and/or special message. Each illustrated name print comes with a title list describing each story letter.


FRAMES: come in natural oak, white painted wood or black painted wood.


Short 3 letter names can have 2 additional illustrations - rabbit and duck for a girl, (see ISA) and any 2 illustrations from the story board for a boy.


We also offer unadorned lettering in blue or coral with 2 illustrations from the story page (please scroll down to find story page) as depicted in HARRY with a helicopter hare watched on by a labrador.




Fill in your request (eg. ‘Plain coral letters’ with nos 2 and 4 illustrations) in the comment box when ordering. Special commissions also taken.


£30 Mounted, £65 Mounted and Framed



Special Occasion Prints


For a special occasion we can create for you a larger print (297 x 420mm) with more text and illustrations. This image was created to celebrate the marriage of:


£45 Unmounted / £52 Mounted


Choose up to 3 illustrations from the story boards below:


Story Board 1

Story Board 2


If nothing above hits the right note and you wish me to draw a family flag, your dog or cat, or a sky diving seal, just fill out the contact form to discuss. Each special illustration will be an additional £16 and will be added to the story page for others to choose from, with any personalisation specific to you removed.  Special illustrations also available for name prints. 



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